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In pulverem reverteris / is slender; likes flowers

In pulverem reverteris and is slender; likes flowers are an attempt of a brave glimpse on death by breaking the barrier between the dead inanimate matter and the living entities. Life can force itself on matter, and from matter life is created. This duality, or more precisely the heterogeneous blend of stiffness and fluidity is present in our everyday lives as we are constantly called to fight against death. Death in the sense of taboo, of law, of restriction. Listeners are invited to reflect on this mystical primordial journey of creation and destruction and its projection to their lives. 


The canvas on which the story unfolds is the sea. In more detail, In pulverem reverteris is a closer look at this moment when ashes meet sea foam. When water particles, air and ashes come together to become an entity. It is the celebration of this union and the return of the inorganic matter to the sea. Together, they fly up in the sky and dive into the sea only to return ashore once again. A recurrent and perpetual trajectory, a delusion of immortality. “is slender; likes flowers”, on the other hand, is a verse from a poem by e.e. cummings where Life is presented as an old man with flowers on his head and Afterwards as a slender lady who likes flowers. A tangible, maybe ironic even, representation of the absurd and the inevitable.


In the undivided ambience of the sea, the eye discovers meaningful details in the same way as the ear focuses on single events inherent in noise. Sound fragments are united in a single structure, which, however, remains extremely fragile. The space created by the synergy of high and low frequencies is the binding material of the fragments that are joined to this new body, only to break at the first opportunity. 

In pulverem reverteris (Live Electronics / DIY electronics / Eurorack simulator, approx. 7' live performance at Chimeres Space, 2021)

is slender; likes flowers (Live Electronics / DIY electronics / Eurorack simulator approx. 10' live performance at Athens Conservatoire, 2021)

Ψ (psi)

This track was inspired by the Novkovic et al., 2018 article ''Synthesis and Analysis of Sounds Developed from the Bose-Einstein Condensate''. The listener is invited to close the eyes and follow the quantum particles that travel in their quantum vacuum, when all they see is an endless vastness of emptiness as cited by Novkovic et al.

From the absence of any structure, mini structures appear and allow us to visualize the excitations between different energy levels. We feel the standing waves of electrons and the excited atoms returning to their original state.

This track features on Sonic Darts Show by London's sound art collective Gwaith Sŵn. You can listen the full show here.


Sound Composition  / Quantum Music (2020, 5' 54'')

Sculpting Nostalgia

During my residency at the Footnote Centre for Image and Text in Belgrade I made this Radio Art piece. I interviewed four Serbians, asking them to share a memory from their childhood. The result is a 10 minute piece of words and music inspired by the work The Dreams (1964) by electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire and poet/dramatist Barry Bermange.

The drone was recorded earlier this summer, from an improvisation on a Synthi 100 at Athens Conservatory. Radio Belgrade hosts one of the few legendary Synthi 100 you can find worldwide, and therefore felt as the right music to use. Not only because of its meditative characteristics but also because it would somehow resonate with the city.

Spoken Word / Synhti 100 (2022, 10' 33'')

Watch a virtual book/ slide show made under the same project. 

Fallacy - Our mind is a cracked mould shaping reality

This is how it feels to return home, after 10 years of absence, in a city where economic, social and environmental degradation are so obvious and yet only few seem to notice and care.

I capture what I hear, I create what I listen.


You can find it among other great pieces of female artists that use field recording as the basis of their work in Framework's radio show for International Women 's Day.

Field Recording / Sound Composition (2020, 14')

Ανάκληση (Anaklisi)

“Anaklisi” : (1) The act of ordering someone to return. (2) Restore to memory elements from the subconscious. Also, the name given during the Byzantine Empire to traditional laments. From the times of Homer until today, laments serve as death ritual songs. In these songs either the departed is praised or Death is asked for the dead's return. For many communities, laments are at the core of the grieving process to the journey of healing. Although, the whole ritual and the songs themselves can be very disturbing.

“Anaklisi” draws inspiration from these laments, especially from the Epirus region where these songs are free rhythm and improvisational compositions. A drone is the song's backbone and all the musical elements unfold around it. Healing is a mental process heavily related to physicality in the same way as harmonic vibrations and overlapping textures invisibly soothe the aching body and mind, yet remaining unworldly distressing.

Sound Composition (8', 2022)

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